Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be excited about poop!

For those of you who know me, you know I HATE that word. Poop. I mean, it sounds so – so, gross! It’s kinda funny, though… before baby, it seemed like every time I was with a group of people, this word came up at least once and there was usually a pretty gross story behind it. Everyone always laughed a little harder because of the disgusting look on my face the whole time.

Having a baby makes poop the talk of the town these days! And, I’m losing the sense of embarrassment that I would usually feel when having to talk about it before. I’ve learned there are differences between breast fed and formula fed babies and certainly changes when you get into solid foods. I’m not quite there yet but I hear there are a rainbow of colors to expect.

Everybody Poops… but what if they don’t? My baby’s struggles with constipation have been a little frustrating. Poor little guy would go days without a dirty diaper… his pediatrician advised us to give him pear juice every day and that helps some. But some days, we have a real challenge getting him to drink it! Who doesn’t like juice!?

The first bout of constipation lasted for 6 whole days! I had to give him him a suppository… poor kiddo. But, I swear – I was never so excited to talk about poop in my life until that day. I was so happy that he finally went! And, as his digestive system slowly got used to the changes of adding a little formula to his diet, I was thrilled each time. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be excited about poop!

Did your baby struggle with this? Suggestions welcome.


3 thoughts on “Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be excited about poop!

  1. I remember when a baby bowel movement was the highlight of my day! It is so funny to hear young moms talk about the same things we used to talk about many years ago. Enjoy your little ones – and their movements!

  2. Once we started feeding our son solid food he would have that problem from time to time. My hubby used to do stretching exercises with him to try to help his little belly. It is definitely interesting how taboo subjects suddenly become exciting events. Discussing the frequency, color, and consistency of your kiddos goings becomes a totally normal thing to do without even realizing it. Hooray for poop!

  3. Great post! Though I can not remember ever having the” constipation ” problem when kids were babies, I empathize. So hard to watch our kids in pain. But mostly the memories are with the words – soon your little guy will laugh at any “poop” word out there! Haha!

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